Next-Auth login authentication tutorial with NextJs App directory, React Hook Form, MongoDB, Vercel


In the ever-evolving web development landscape, the synergy between frameworks and libraries is crucial for crafting efficient, user-friendly applications. When it comes to authentication in the world of Next.js, NextAuth emerges as a beacon of excellence. In this video, I explore how you can integrate NextAuth into Next.js.

Also, I have added some fantastic packages, including React Hook Form, MongoDB, and Shadcn/UI. You will learn

✨Integrating and Setup NextAuth in the Nextjs app directory

✨Setup Credentials Provider, Google Provider, and Github Provider

✨Get NextAuth Session Data In Client and Server Components

✨Upload the NextJs app in Vercel

✨Use MongoDB Compass and Atlas in the NextJs app

✨ Use React Hot Toast and React Hook Form in NextJs


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