I’m Sandipan das,
web developer

As a dedicated full-stack web developer, I'm here to bring your ideas to life and make them shine online! I shall create websites for you that feel pure magic for your users. 

Let's build your website and turn your vision into a beautiful reality filled with emotion and excitement!

Skills &

React & Laravel Developer, WordPress Expert

Since beginning my journey as a freelance web developer in nearly 2017~ by using platforms FIVERR and UpWork, I’ve developed many websites and collaborated with talented people to create websites for both business and consumer use.

Programming is my passion and profession. My Goal Is To Design And Develop Websites To Promote Your Business. I’m very passionate about sharing my expertise globally and help out others.

I also have full-stack developer experience based on React, NextJs, TS, MongoDB, Laravel, WordPress, and CodeIgniter. I love to make beautiful websites and also teach others how to make them by writing blogs

Front-end (ReactJS, NextJs)
Back-end (NodeJs, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose)
JavaScript, TypeScript
Server Management (AWS, DO,)
PHP, MySql, Laravel
HTML5, CSS3, Tailwind, Bootstrap

Full-Stack Web DeveloperCloud HCM & ERP Group LLC

2022 - Continue

Responsible for maintaining, expanding, and scaling the company's Web Applications and Websites.

Lead Web DeveloperClarke Smart Solutions

2020 - 2022

Responsible for brainstorming ideas to Design user interfaces and develop, maintain, expand, and scale the client and company websites.

Support AssistantDronaHost Web Hosting

2018 - 2020

Offer their clients support (server, wordpress, and website management related).

Full-Stack Web DeveloperFiverr and UpWork

2018 - Continue

Offer various services like ReactJs, NextJs, NodeJs, Express, Laravel, WordPress services



Skilled in both OOP and functional: JavaScript, PHP, PHP Framework: Laravel, CodeIgniter.

Frontend (ReactJS, NextJs, TS)

Passionate about Front-end engineering Using React, NextJs, TS, MongoDB, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, etc.


Industry experience in Node JS, Express, Vercel, MongoDB, JWT, Netlify, Firebase


I’ve designed more than 300 hundred websites using WordPress. Experience in modern theme and page builders, for example, Elementor, Divi, etc.


AWS(VPC, EC2, SES, Route 53, CloudFront, LightSail, Amplify, Lambda, etc), WHM, cPanel, Plesk, WHMCS

Tools & Tech

The tools and tech I am using in my daily life: VS Code, PuTTY, Npm, Git


Professional Experience


Project Completed



World Domination

World Domination 19%


Eve Tech

The freelancer demonstrated excellent problem-solving abilities, tackling challenges head-on and coming up with innovative solutions, maintains clear, concise, and prompt communication. Any questions or concerns I had were addressed quickly and professionally.
Kamran SorathisProject Coordinator
Based in: South Africa
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Je recommande vivement Sandipan pour son professionnalisme et sa réactivité. Nous prévoyons d'ailleurs une collaboration sur du plus long terme avec ce dernier. Merci encore une fois pour la réalisation de notre site internet répondant aux attentes de notre équipe et de nos clients.
Aymeric OosterlinckProject Coordinator
Based in: United States of America
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Cornhusker Capital

Great to work with! Very professional, communicates well and finds solutions to challenges that arise during the project. I definitely recommend Sandipank!
Stacey ClarkeProject Coordinator
Based in: United States of America
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SiteRacks Hosting

A High-Performance Web Hosting Platform

Sandi was brilliant, easy to talk, always responsive, and made fantastic work with our website I highly recommend and also will look to work with him again in the future. Thank you, Sandi!
Nick JohnstonCEO

My, Myself
and I

I’m a Web Developer located in India* (a beautiful country). Programming is my passion and profession. I like playing with codes and brainstorming ideas. Also, I enjoy working with various UI effects, animations, and dynamic user experiences.

A remote worker with great attention to detail. A well-organized person. Great communicator and has experience in leading a team—a good photographer. A family person and have a mysterious plan for my two little angels—My weakness is purchasing technology products.

I love to make beautiful websites and also teach others how to make them by writing blogs.

Let’s make something special.


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Thanks for checking out my portfolio!

I really enjoy programming—it's not just my job, it's something I love. I've finished lots of web projects using different tools, and I'm excited to share what I know with everyone and help out.

I know my way around ReactJS, NextJS, MongoDB, WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter, and making things look good (UI/UX). I'm also a quick learner, always ready to learn and grow in my field.

If you've got any questions or need some help, feel free to get in touch anytime.

Best regards,

SANDIPAN DASFull Stack Web Developer

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